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THE MARITIMA SERVICE GROUP SRL is part of the national panorama of the PMI sector.  Thanks to the professional background and experience gained through the Marittima Diving Service Srl we guarantee precision and punctuality in the performance of all work we undertake. Our specialization is in the construction of maritime and tourist harbours.

We have been hired by many medium and large sized national businesses, thereby putting to use our vast crew of highly specialized technical personnel, skilled craftsmen, and qualified workers.

Our professionalism and proven experience is at your disposal in order to meet your every need. 

The MARITTIMA SERVICE GROUP SRL carries out all the maritime work, while the shipyard of MARITTIMA SERVICE GROUP SRL performs hauling and launching services as well as offering dry vessel storage and maintenance.

The MARITTIMA SERVICE GROUP SRL boasts the specialization of the nourishment of beaches and their shorelines.




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